TEFL Interview Questions

Mohamed Ramadan

A list of top +50 TEFL interview questions and answers. They are thought as the most common questions that can be asked in TEFL interviews. They are available for you now with their model answers for the least price. They cover the most important areas in the TEFL field:

  • Lesson Planning.
  • ELT Methods.
  • Classroom Management.
  • Students’ Learning Styles.
  • Using Teaching Aids.
  • Correcting Students’ Mistakes.
  • Language Teaching Approaches.
  • Testing and Assessment.
  • Professional Development.

If you take your decision to get the book, you will increase your chance to show the interviewers that you have enough knowledge and awareness of English language teaching methods. Additionally, you will show that you are professional in English language testing and assessment.

Moreover, you will show that you are always interested in developing yourself professionally by following important procedures.

So, if you get the book, read it carefully and prepare yourself for the kinds of questions included in it, you will succeed in any TEFL job interview for sure and prove your eligibility for the job

Get it Now. You will lose nothing as it is for the least price ever and you will have got a reference guidebook you can use throughout your career.

Enjoy Learning,

Mohamed Ramadan

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TEFL Interview Questions

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