Teaching Speaking to EFL Learners


Practical Activities to Promote Speaking in EFL Classes

Considering that many EFL teachers neglect to dedicate enough time to teach and develop their students’ speaking skills in EFL classes, I’ve created this eBook to highlight the importance of teaching and developing students’ speaking skill during each EFL class, and help teachers do so with a range of speaking activities that can be applied in the classroom so that students can speak in the best way possible.

After reading this book, teachers will be able to:

  • Define speaking and teaching speaking.

  • Recognize the main characteristics of spoken language.

  • Motivate learners to speak in EFL classes.

  • Recognize the stages of teaching speaking.

  • Do some effective brainstorming activities before teaching speaking.

  • Teach language functions using practical steps.

  • Recognize the four types of speaking activities.

Most importantly, this book includes a number of activities that can be adapted and used by the teachers in EFL classes to promote their students' speaking skills. 

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Model procedures and activities to promote your students' speaking skills

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Teaching Speaking to EFL Learners

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