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Mohamed Ramadan

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I'm an ELT supervisor for +11 years and a former expert EFL teacher for +15 years.

I'm the founder of elttguide.com to provide EFL teachers with practical ideas, steps, tips and procedures for teaching & testing the English language effectively.

elttguide.com has been visited by a lot of teachers worldwide as it is an ongoing collection of articles written out of a lot of experience in TEFL to a wide range of students and in a variety of circumstances.  It is considered an educational resource for ESL/EFL teachers. You may like to check it out to see.

For now, I'm extremely excited to tell you that I'm going to create ELT Premium Content for English language teachers aiming at developing them professionally and helping them gain control over and excel in their ELT job.

It’s the moment SO many of you asked me to do!

Creating a membership site including Premium ELT Materials.

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You will get an All-in-one Package of exclusive digital materials on ELT.

It’s 100% GUARANTEED to boost your professional development - no matter if you are a beginner or an expert English language teacher.

Many EL teachers have asked me to launch this membership site including the content of higher quality and more desirable, so that’s exactly what I'm going to do!

Your subscription will enable you to get:

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In addition, I am going to deliver Coaching Sessions where I will tackle important topics in the ELT field, and share my top tips for teaching the English language more effectively.

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This amazing membership site is PERFECT for all EFL/ESL teachers who want to improve their English language teaching performance in the classroom, FAST. Like, lightning fast!

 ELT Premium Content is a must for you if you want to...

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I start this membership site on December 9th, 2021 but the subscription is only open for a LIMITED number of teachers.

As soon as you subscribe, you will get an email each time new premium content is published.

And you can ask me to write about any topic related to teaching English and I will do that for you as quickly as you can imagine.

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Best Regards,

Mohamed Ramadan

Owner of elttguide.com


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